Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy BirthGAY!!

Today marks the second part of my 'birthGay' celebration. March 28 was the day 11 years ago that I made peace with myself and my sexuality. It was almost a rebirth because it brought about such a wonderful new era in my faith walk and my life in general. Well, 2 days later on March 30, I came out for the very first time. So I now celebrate both days as my 'birthGay'.
I share my journey with you in this new video. My hope is always that my coming out will inspire those who may still be closeted and will help straight people get a glimpse into what LGBT folks go through in the process of self-acceptance and reconciling faith & sexuality. Thank God for how far I've come.

As a bonus, I am a sharing the clip of the first song that I wrote honestly as a gay man. Though it came a few years before I actually came out, it was another major breakthrough for me.

It is indeed a blessing to be living so authentically personally and professionally.
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LIVE YOUR REAL LIFE!!! Be blessed.

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