Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The last 3 weeks have been a period of great upheaval for me. After almost 15 months of living in Long Beach, CA I had to make a very difficult decision. Because of huge financial hardship- and after much prayer- I concluded that I needed to move back to my native Gary, IN. Two weeks ago, I arrived back in my home town. I am happy to be back with my parents and siblings. But it is not easy to be back here after becoming so connected to my new home in California.

It was in Long Beach that I returned to performing and reclaimed my identity as an artist. I began recording my CD. I co-founded Urban Rhythm, a community show choir, with my roommate and trusted friend Eric Leocadio from the Catalyst Network of Communities. I connected with some phenomenal people who believe in my artistry and inspired me to blossom. I had the opportunity to participate in conversations to build bridges between the LGBT Christian community and the church at large. I lost close 40 pounds- that is huge for me!! Though I had some significant challenges out there, the time there was amazing...and I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

Honestly, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster during this time. I realize that I am ,in fact, mourning a death of sorts. The passing of certain hopes and goals. I feel stuck between two worlds- my old home and the new. It is draining. But I believe that I am back here in Gary for a divine purpose. God is preparing me for the next chapter of my story so my return is not about defeat. It doesn't mean the transition is easy. It is scary- I won't lie!! But I am moving ahead. "Never say die- keep, keep on...", sing the Sounds of Blackness on their hit song "Optimistic", and that's my motto.

So now I am re-establishing my teaching studio here in Northwest Indiana and hopefully get back into seeing clients in Chicagoland as well. I am prepping to hit the stage very soon. The dream has not died- it has just changed addresses!! Work in progress.