Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hey everybody!!

I decided to talk about the singers, players, and writers who have had such a huge impact on me as musical artist. I find it hard to say who I think I sound like but I can share who helped to shape my sound and style. Check out the new video. ENJOY!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Recently, I've been asked several times about how I write songs. I decided to share a little insight into my creative process with this video. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's Do This!!!!

Hey all!!!

Well, it really is time to get this damn album done, huh?

I have been getting refocused the past week or so on bringing this fruition. I was debating on whether to do a full album (9-11 songs) or an EP (5-6 tracks). For me, I think a full album would be the better option. If it's taken this long to finally do it, I want to really make it an event. I know that we're at a point in the industry where albums are becoming less attractive to buyers. I think that's because too few artists actually produce a record that has very much to say artistically. We end up with nothing but a collection of singles with a lot of filler. I refuse to do that to myself or those who choose to support my work. I still believe in the solidly-conceived full length record that has some heart and integrity.

So, I'm now deciding on what songs I feel would fit together best for this debut project. I've got plenty of slow jams. Now to fine-tune the uptempo songs. I am more than a balladeer, you know? I likes to get fonky, too!!! :-) I also am toying with adding a solo piano number and writing more inspirational stuff.

As I'm on vacation this week and have only a couple of lessons to teach, I plan to start recording some music this week. With a new keyboard and recording software in tow, Project: RECORD of BUST is about to commence.

September is now here and I still want to be back in Long Beach this fall. There is still much to get in order but I'm keeping the faith that things are going to be in place. Please join me in praying for favor and clarity.