Sunday, September 22, 2013

On Becoming A Voice Teacher


Teaching people how to sing well is one of the great joys of my life. Watching students become more confident and secure as they grow into their abilities is a remarkable blessing. In this video, I share how I ended up on this path as a voice teacher and those who had a great influence on my journey.

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Be blessed!!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


In order to broaden my reach to potential clients, I now have a profile on The ZOEN- the Zenph Online Education Network. It serves to connect those looking to study voice or other instruments with highly qualified music teachers. Lessons can be scheduled and paid for right on the website. Here is my profile- Or click on the cool button below-

Earl Harville - View My Online Profile

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Teachers, My Heroes

I have been thinking a lot lately about the music instructors I had in college who believed in me, who saw the talent that I sometimes doubted. The musician and teacher that I am today is result of their encouragement and tutelage. My piano teacher Barbara Cunningham and theory professor Dwight Davis supported my decision to switch my major to music. Mr. Davis even gave me additional sightsinging/ear-training lessons for free!!! He also really thought a lot of my singing voice and gently chided me for not joining his vocal ensemble. Barbara pushed me to participate in the Piano Guild auditions so that I could be heard and critiqued by her peers. It allowed me to get further confirmation that I was indeed on the right path.

At Columbia College Chicago, I was blessed to get Brad Nitschke as my first voice teacher. It was life-changing!! I learned so much from watching him work with my fellow vocalists in our Techniques in Singing class. I discovered things about my voice I never knew I was capable of, to be honest. He not only had great belief in me as a singer, but also nurtured me as a future teacher of singing. The awesome Bobbi Wilsyn taught several of my vocal courses and was so inspiring to my developing artistry. She had great technique and incredible style. She pushed me to expand my repertoire base. Pete Scheiner and Laura Hoffman were my keyboard harmony teachers. They took me seriously as a piano player and helped me gain more confidence.

I would not be where I am without the knowledge they shared and their votes of confidence. I try to respect the work they put into me by putting my heart and soul into my teaching today. I believe it is my responsibility to continue the tradition of the serious artist/teacher alive, uplifting the students who trust me to help them reach their own musical goals.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Vocal Tip: Ping Pong Practice

Vocal tip- When working on a difficult passage of music, temporarily take the words out and vocalize it on one of your favorite exercise sounds. For me, I use 'bub', 'wun', 'ng', or the lip trill to get the notes more securely in my voice. Then once it feels like I can hang on, I go back to singing on the text. Go back and forth as much as you need to until you can sing the passage without strain. This ping-pong practice is very helpful and is one of the ways in which we merge technical practice into song work.

Look out for a YouTube clip elaborating on this concept coming very soon.


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Love To Sing!!!

Hello all!!

I've recently added some fun exercises to my toolbox as a vocal trainer. The primary focus is on agility, the ability to sing fast or intricate passages cleanly and accurately. In addition, this patterns are good to use to prepare students for work on stylistic runs and licks in contemporary music. I took the phrase "I love to sing" from the traditional classical arpeggio exercise and placed it in a 5 note diatonic pattern with a couple of twists. Check out this video clip as I demonstrate and explain how to approach these exercises. They are effective AND fun,so have at it!!!

As a bonus, here's a clip of me singing a bit of one of my favorite hymns. I show you a bit more of my gospel influence in this one. Not a perfect performance, but full of heart.

Happy March and Happy Singing!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome to 2013!!!!

2013!!! Another new year has dawned. I don't know about you, but I am very excited about this one. I believe this year will bring amazing growth and progression.

2012 was a year of great blessings. I released my first two singles to the public. "Meant To Be" and "For The Longest Time" became available to the public in July on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon. That was a big step for me as a 43 year old artist. I continued to receive very positive feedback from my voice teacher peers as I shared my vocal training articles and began posting my vocal training clips on YouTube. I was asked to contribute guest blogs and began writing a new column on singing for Long Beach Independent. I taught some awesome clients who have continued to sharpen my skills as a vocal trainer, who make me very proud of their accomplishments consistently. I got to head out to Long Beach to celebrate my birthday in June as well as my best friend's in November. I did the Beachbody Challenge starting in July and lost 14 pounds. I gained new friends, supporters, and mentors who I appreciate greatly. I saw loved ones being blessed, which made my heart very glad. I even brought home a new partner in crime- a new digital piano!

There was also frustration and loss last year, though. I had really hoped to be back in California by 2012. Being patient is not always easy. To be honest, Gary, IN is not the most inspiring, energizing place to live. It can really have a dampening effect on one's spirits. I definitely had to deal with some serious homesickness. There was the loss of an amazing person to a senseless crime. She showed me so much kindness and love while living in SoCal that I so needed while being away from my family during holidays. My heart ached for her wonderful family that she adored. I will never forget her or her generosity. The world could use more people like her.

Now I find myself at the start of a new year, thankful for the growth in the past one. I am filled with great expectation for 2013. I was blessed to have a prophetic word spoken over me late last year that has helped to get me geared up for this year.
I don't do resolutions anymore. I am simply setting goals and working on the best way to reach them.

*GET BACK TO LONG BEACH!!!!!!!! - Getting back to that great city WILL happen this year!!!!

*Tied to that is the growing of Harville Vocal Studio in SoCal. I just launched my new website to start building the momentum. I am also continuing to develop relationships with well-established vocal coaches in LA to broaden my teaching opportunities.

*I plan to release a couple more singles this year and finally get my album completed. I just launched my new artist site and will focus on building up followship through my email list.

*I will continue my fitness journey with passion. I love the Les Mills Pump program that I started doing on the Beachbody Challenge and am continuing with that before going into the next program. Earl needs to get California-ready!! I have also become an Independent Beachbody Coach and will be working to share what I am learning with others who are looking to get healthier and fitter.

*I want to continue to grow in my intimacy with God. I feel that it took major steps forward in 2012 and I will continue to nurture that. I also look forward to more regularly attending services once back in LB, particularly at Open Door Ministries.

*I will write more consistently. This applies to my music as well as writing articles and more regular blog entries.

*I will work on being less anxious and staying in a peaceful place even when in the midst of uncertainty.

*Finding a husband would be nice. :-)

These are the things that are on my mind and heart as we start this new year. I resolve to put my passion to work for me and to see the fruits of my seed-planting manifest.

Here are my three theme songs for 2013!!! ENJOY!!!