Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Love To Sing!!!

Hello all!!

I've recently added some fun exercises to my toolbox as a vocal trainer. The primary focus is on agility, the ability to sing fast or intricate passages cleanly and accurately. In addition, this patterns are good to use to prepare students for work on stylistic runs and licks in contemporary music. I took the phrase "I love to sing" from the traditional classical arpeggio exercise and placed it in a 5 note diatonic pattern with a couple of twists. Check out this video clip as I demonstrate and explain how to approach these exercises. They are effective AND fun,so have at it!!!

As a bonus, here's a clip of me singing a bit of one of my favorite hymns. I show you a bit more of my gospel influence in this one. Not a perfect performance, but full of heart.

Happy March and Happy Singing!!!

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