Thursday, January 26, 2012


HAPPY 2012, PEEPS!!!

I had a great winter vacation from Christmas through the first week of January. It was a much needed break and I was glad to have my bestie in town for that. The resort in Galena was really nice. Even though we were vacationing, we still got some work done. I shot 3 new solo performance clips that are now up on YouTube. Thanks to Eric for recording!!

A couple of days ago, I was hit with an overwhelming sense of thankfulness while posting my daily music links. I reflected on the wonderful support I have received once I started performing again and getting my music outside of my 4 walls. I have had such wonderful feedback from fellow artists and performers. The respect for my craft from other musicians means a lot.

This morning, I was hit with another round of gratefulness for God sharing the gift of music with me in the first place. To have dreamed of making music as a teen but not knowing if I even had the talent, I now can fully grasp what I've been given. Being able to express myself through singing and playing is one of the most awesome blessings one could get!!! Now that I have embraced my songwriter self, I am even more thankful that I get to share MY thought, hurts, joys, desires through in MY songs. How awesome is that????

Then, of course, I am so grateful that I get to share my love for the voice and singing with my students. It is an amazing joy to teach others to sing well and unleash their own voice and artistry. I can pass on the great teaching that I received from Brad Nitschke, Randy Buescher, and Angela Pressutti-Korbitz as well as all that I've gleaned from influential teachers like Seth Riggs, Brett Manning, Mark Baxter, Lisa Popeil, Dave Stroud, John Henny, and others. I love this work!!!

This year, I plan to honor the musical and teaching talents I've been given by pushing myself to excellence and being authentic as an openly gay artist and voice teacher. Gotta represent!! NEW LEVELS IN 2012!!

Here are 2 of the new clips that I shot during the vacation. I hope you enjoy!!!

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  1. And let's not forget, I am still pushing for a return to Long Beach this year!!!