Monday, September 12, 2011

I Know What You Did Last Summer.......

I have really come a long way as an artist in the past 2 years. I finally accept my gifts as a singer and a writer fully. I am learning to not compare myself to the artists that I have long admired. I realize I am just as valid creatively- I am not inferior, just uniquely ME!!! It took me years to get here. The time spent in California was integral. And I will get back there, BTW....... but I digress.

Faithful followers of E2C will notice that I've been posting more frequently as of late. About a month or so ago, I felt this gentle internal prodding to start writing daily vocal tips that I would place on my Harville Vocal Studio page on Facebook. Because I am a wordy fellow, that quickly progressed to short instructional articles which now also appear on this blog. I began to get very positive feedback from my voice teacher and singer colleagues very quickly. I decided to also post some of those pieces on Very soon, one of my babies was chosen as a featured article. This led to me getting an offer to write a column on singing and vocal training for a new online Christian magazine, which debuts in November. I am very thankful for the opportunity to share my knowledge of and passion for the voice and singing. What's very interesting about all this is that I had just read a devotional which talked about talents and gifts, asking if there were some areas that we were not tapping into. I have always written very well so I see now that God has led me into using that part of my skillset in conjunction with my work as a vocal trainer.

I have started teaching voice at HGS Music in nearby Highland, IN. It's a very well-run local music school with a nicely laid out facility. My fellow teachers are a cool bunch- I dig the vibe. I'm really enjoying the diverse group of students in my studio there. Some elementary school kids, some high schoolers, and some adult beginners to formal study. Very cool!!

I have been blessed to have 2 of my videos be featured on Just before I started posting my articles, my clip for "Hang On" was featured while I was also the featured artist. Right now, "Let Me Go (Part 1)" is the TMV SPOTLIGHT VIDEO of the week. I am very humbled and encouraged to have my work affirmed.

I have been making connections with some wonderful vocal coaches here and abroad. It's great to share ideas and knowledge with esteemed peers. Methinks God is up to something.........hmmmmmmmmmm

And the planning to return to my beloved Long Beach, CA continues. I was hoping to make it back my this fall but that had to be pushed back. The target is now early 2012. I you're praying folk, please join with me in agreement that all things will fall into place as they need to make it happen.

It's been an interesting summer, I would say......... :-)

By the way, I know you love the title!!!!

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