Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vocal Cord Closure

One of the essential elements in creating great tone is good closure of the vocal folds. Without it, a singer will be unable to develop a voice that is powerful, clear, and connected from chest register into middle and then head voice. A speaker will lack presence and character. The control of the breath is weakened because the the cords can't efficiently function as a valve for the air flow. Unfortunately, too often traditionall vocal training left its recipients with the misguided notion that the only concerns in regards to technique are 'support' and 'placement'. This has produced a profound ignorance as to the realities of vocal function. But I digress.......

A vocal technique that addresses the concept of vocal cord closure is a must for the modern singer. Tools are needed to condition the voice to create a wide array of sounds safely. Using a bit of 'cry' or 'whimper' in the voice will engage the muscles in the larynx to bring the edges of the folds together more efficiently and create good compression. Vocalize on the syllables 'goog', 'mum', 'no', and 'bub' with the slightly edgy cry. You may feel a bit silly but you will be doing wonders for your instrument. Just know that even Luciano Pavarroti said that singing is crying on pitch. This will aid in connecting the registers and gaining more strength for the mix and head voice.

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