Friday, July 1, 2011

And Now.....

July 1st......

For the past 2 years, this has been an important date. Big changes happened. In 2009, my roomie and best friend Eric flew to Chicago from Long Beach, CA to begin Operation: Move Earl to Cali. 4 days later, we would embark on the roadtrip from the only city I had known as home to my new life in SoCal. A major chapter for this then-40 year old.

Last year on July 1st, we moved out of the house we were renting with another friend to a great apartment on Redondo Avenue. It was my first taste of apartment living. We had a balcony facing in the direction of the ocean, giving us an incredible breeze. We had a garden which yielded tomatoes, rosemary, and basil. We lived across the street from a great rib/sandwich place- YUM!!!

Those who know me well know that I hated to leave Long Beach. I loved the people...the energy...the ocean...the opportunities. They also know how much I long to return. I truly feel that it's where I belong at this point in my life. There's much left undone. While I was there, I returned to my identity as an artist and fully accepted myself as a singer/songwriter. I started recording my CD. I started a community show choir. I got work with my roomie's nonprofit. I worked on the planning committee for the Long Beach Dance Festival. I got to be a part of great conversations for the purpose of building bridges between evangelical leaders and openly gay Christians. So many wonderful experiences, and I feel like I left so much unfinished.

My goal is to return to California by fall. Now, this is a bold desire, being that this is now July already!! But I'm learning to live life more boldly. I'm taking a chance on God!! There is much to get figured out. But I truly feel like I am called to be there to fulfill my destiny. I have gifts, abilities, and ideas that are uniquely Earl 4.2 and are needed out there. Gary is my hometown and I love it, but I feel like my home is out west.............


  1. Wow it's been 2 years? That seems to have flown by so quickly! You'll get back here in perfect time, I've no doubt because there is indeed much more work to be done. Keep organizing your foundation so that you can be here long term and you'll have the peace of mind and freedom to live your creative life! And that, my friend, is what this world needs!


  2. Hey Earl! I didn't know you weren't still in California. I think I remember that move and was happy for you. I will hold the intention with you that you get to move back by fall.


  3. I love this line: "I'm learning to live more boldly" and "I'm taking a chance on God!"

    God definitely can do some miraculous things. Remember my favorite Proverb (16:9) from the book if you've got that far in it. "A man's heart directs his steps but God directs his way"

    You set your steps, and God will see that you get there! :)

  4. Hi Earl,
    Where your intentions are directed miracles will come forth to support you in achieving them. You'll get back to where you love soon!

  5. Thank you Steve, Jeanine, and Sherrie!! I truly appreciate the support!! :-)