Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Vocal Athlete's one of the most powerful means of human communication. It is wonderful to listen to- it can take us away from our worries and concerns. It inspires. Opening up our mouths to do the singing can be even more powerful. It can be so much fun!! We can release things that we have inside of us that we may not be able to get out any other way. What a blessing to have it in our lives!!

Some people would believe that singing is reserved for only those born with significant vocal gifts. I believe that singing is for everyone!! In general, ANYONE CAN LEARN TO SING!!! When we understand that singing is a psychomotor skill- a task that is controlled by certain muscular patterns- we may realize that a usable, consistent voice can be developed through proper training. This is why I like for singers to view themselves as athletes. The mastery of their instrument should be approached in a similar fashion to runners, ball players, tennis pros, and gymnasts. A regimen that teaches the muscles proper coordination so that they remember what to do is a necessity. It is only with this building of muscle memory that the singer will be able to have the freedom to perform with ease of production with a wide range of pitches and command of tone colors and textures. This allows them to be free to serve the art- to communicate with audiences.

At Harville Vocal Studio, students are viewed as elite singing athletes. They train with a growing knowledge of how the voice actually function and are given the tools for developing it to its fullest.

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